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Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses with Team Building Activities

May 28, 2008

evaluationAs a rite of passage through the business world, we all receive evaluations.  As a manager though, you miss things about your employees if you are only able to evaluate their performance at the office. 

Team building activities can provide you with an opportunity to glimpse a more holistic view of your employees, and learn more about their strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s face it, every person has strengths, and also weaknesses.  Having the opportunity to see your employees in the unique environment a team building activity creates, can help you to identify new ways in which to utilize employee’s strengths, as well as illuminating areas that may need improvement. 

This way, when you view your team as a whole, you can be sure that each person is being used in the best possible way in an effort to maximize each employee’s talents.  Not only will your employees be happier, they will also work more efficiently because each person is comfortable and excelling at their role on the team.  Plus, team building activities are much more fun than a traditional “evaluation”! 

To schedule a team building activity for your staff, call 1 300 267 738; and you’ll fully understand how team building activities will help you to see your employees in a whole new light! 



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