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Recreational Themed Sports Team Building Activities

May 23, 2008

Recreational themed sports like sumo wrestling, gladiator duel, pole joust, or velcro wall can be fun and easy team building activities that are sure to get everyone in your office into the excitement.  Team building activities can bring out the fun as well as the competitive nature of office teams, which are both essential qualities of any good team building exercises.

Sumo Wrestling

Put on a nice, padded, and often very funny sumo suit and battle it out with your team members.  The suits are easy to get in and out of and make for really hilarious and extremely fun, and safe battles.

Gladiator Duel

Stand on one of 2 podiums above an inflatable base and duel like gladiators of old.  A great stress reliever and a wonderful team building activity because everyone can do it and everyone will have a great time! 

Pole Joust

Joust like a knight of old on a nice, safe inflatable base.  This way, when one of the contestants inevitably falls, only their pride is hurt!  Another excellent way for everyone to participate, compete and have a blast.

Velcro Wall

Each participant will put on a Velcro suit and feel what its like to be a fly on a wall.  Attempt to move around and even make a race or chase out of the activity.  It’s sure to be a hit and will help each and every team member to enjoy themselves.

These 4 activities, while good for a great time, are also really fantastic team building activities.  Everyone is able to get together for a stress free, fun and competitive day, away from the office and just enjoying each other’s company.   Don’t settle for another one of those same old team building activities.  Get out and enjoy each other with these 4 recreational themed team building activities.  To schedule a day like this for your team, just ring 1 300 267 738.



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