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Taking the Team Building Games to the Beach

May 11, 2008

The Beach Olympics on the Gold Coast is an exciting team building event that everyone can participate in.  Each employee is able to contribute to the team at the office in unique ways, and the importance of this is emphasised with the Beach Olympics team building games.

Everyone also has something different that they excel at, and other activities that are more difficult for them.  This brings balance to the team and each member will see this when the whole staff participates in these team building games.  Each member makes an important contribution in team building games like, Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee.   These team building games are all very different and require the use of good leadership, communication and decision making skills to win.

And then, there is the water!  There are some team building games that are a part of The Beach Olympics, like Beach Flags and Water Relay which are played near the waters edge; but everyone will get wet with Water Transfer.  After a day of hard work and lots of fun in the sun – it’s great to end the day with an enjoyable and wet team building activity.

If you want to bring the Beach Olympics team building event to your Gold Coast office – Call 1 300 267 738; the entire office will thank you!     


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